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Meet The Doctor

Dr. Drostan Baker, M.D


I knew from an early age that I wanted to be a doctor. My grandfather was my inspiration, a physician who was loved by his patients because of the time he spent with them and the relationships he built with them.

Now that I have been practicing medicine for ten years, what do I see? Large insurance companies and care networks that dictate and restrict care for patients based on algorithms.  Doctors and Nurses being overburdened with excessive amounts of paperwork, complex electronic health records and documentation requirements to get paid.  This creates burnout doctors who lose empathy for patients, and passion for their profession. Doctors are having to squeeze way too many patients into their day, allowing oftentimes 10 minutes with each of their patients. They do this because they are working in a system that rewards high volumes over quality of care.  Both the doctor and the patient suffer in this insurance model. Doctors are forced to follow more and more useless, time-consuming regulations that eat away at the most important thing we have to offer our patients — our TIME and a listening ear. I know that our current system will not allow me to be the kind of doctor I want to be; the kind of doctor my grandfather inspired me to be; the kind of doctor my patients deserve.

I believe there is a better way ahead for us, and it does not involve insurance billing in primary care. Insurance is meant for catastrophic and unplanned medical events not for your day to day medical needs or chronic disease management. I believe that as we return to a direct relationship between doctor and patient, with no third party interference that we will improve health outcomes in our country. I want to take my practice back to where my grandfather began when doctors and patients spent time with each other, and medical care wasn’t rushed with questions left unanswered. I hope you will join me on this journey. I will always put you first.  It's what you deserve.

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