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About Baker Direct Primary Care

Our Vision.…

To provide our patients with excellent healthcare at affordable and transparent prices. 

To listen to our patients; it’s essential for delivering the best care possible. ​

To utilize modern technology to enhance and restore the patient-doctor relationship without the restrictions of insurance companies.  


What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care Explained

Direct Primary Care Explained

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The Membership Way 


No visit restrictions.  Its the same price whether your seen once or three times/month.


No Surprise bills


Option to call, text, or e-mail for advice, anytime


Access to wholesale generic medications and in office dispensing.  

Access to labs and imaging at significantly discounted cash prices. 

Advice on navigating specialty and hospital care

Baker Family Medicine is part of an innovative movement in health care called Direct Primary Care  (DPC).  Our members join through a flat, recurring monthly fee, much like a monthly membership. This model reduces the hassle of insurance claims and allows the growth of a patient-doctor relationship as it should be: with the focus on your health. We are your advocate for affordable, yet excellent, medical care where you need it!


  • General Primary Care​​

  • Pediatrics

  • Laboratory Tests

  • Joint Injections

  • Dermatological Services

  • Behavior Health Medication

  • Minor Surgical Procedures

  • Women's Services
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