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You’ve Got Questions - I’ve Got Answers

  • What's included in my Baker Direct Primary Care membership?
    Most service performed in the clinic are included. Examples of covered items include physical evaluations, EKGs, sutures, foreign body removal, skin tag removal, biopsies, etc. See our Services/Benefits page within the About section for more detail.
  • What about specialists?
    We will refer to specialists if the need arises and usually after performing consultation services to prevent any unnecessary visits. Specialty care is outside the scope of Direct Primary Care, but there are still times we can help negotiate much cheaper cash pay prices for surgeries or procedures.
  • What about prescriptions?
    This is a huge benefit for members of Direct Primary Care. We are able to offer at-cost prescriptions from whole-sale suppliers, which are often 80-90% cheaper than if you were to buy them from the pharmacy!
  • Does Direct Primary Care bill health insurance?
    No, we do not bill 3rd party insurance companies. However, if you do have an insurance provider you may submit fees for specialist, outside services and procedures for reimbursement. This frees us up from cumbersome insurance regulations and allows us to focus on our member's health care, not on insurance reimbursement.
  • What about labs?
    We negotiate highly discounted prices on your behalf and offer total transparency so you have no unexpected expenses.
  • What about major medical coverage?
    Baker Direct Primary Care recomends you purchase insurance through your employer, or on the indvidual market. You can also consider medical cost sharing programs to share your larger medical expenses. If your work pays for health insurance Baker Direct Primary Care remains an excellent option for your primary care needs and your insurance can still be used outside of Baker Direct Primary Care with only a few exceptions.
  • What about imaging?
    We negotiate cash pay prices for imaging which is much cheaper than insurance based pricing - often times more than 30-50% cheaper! You may also use your insurance and go elsewhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

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