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A Better Approach to Your Healthcare

Our approach to practicing medicine is different.  We aim to remove many of the barriers that exist in large hospital and group practices.  By eliminating insurance billing we are able to significantly reduce overhead and take back control over the patient-doctor relationship that has been lost in the assembly line approach to primary care.  How does this happen? Through Direct Primary Care.  DPC allows for patients to chose their doctor and contract directly with him or her for primary care services.


Focusing on You

Baker Family Medicine is part of an innovative movement in health care called Direct Primary Care (DPC). Our members pay a flat, recurring monthly fee.  We offer longer appointment times at 30-60 minutes. If coming into the office doesn't work for your schedule or the need doesn't require an office visit you can schedule a telemedicine visit from the comfort of your home or office.  If you have a non urgent message, send us an email or text.  No copays or extra charges to ask your doctor a question.  How often in the current insurance model do we hold back questions or other health concerns for fear of additional and unexpected charges.  With a membership all my primary care services are included in your monthly fee. This model reduces the hassle of insurance claims and allows the growth of a patient-doctor relationship as it should be: with the focus on your health. Baker Family Medicine is your advocate for affordable, yet excellent, medical care.

A Personalized Roadmap to Healthcare

Our goal is to provide our members with excellent primary care in the most cost-efficient and transparent manner. 


No Co-payments

Never worry about paying office 

Co-payments, ever. 


Same Day/Next Day


Our small practice size guarantees you get care when you need it.


Telemedicine Visits

Phone, Text, or Email. Talk to 

your doctor on your schedule.

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